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We specialize in providing training on the hottest JavaScript technologies being used today. We go deeper than just learning the APIs, we dive into the depths of the technologies to understand how they really work, and explore the best, real-world practices using those technologies. Our trainings are not cookie cutter classes of boring slide decks and lab manuals. Everything we do is live and dynamic, giving students relevant, practical and challenging coding exercises where they code applications under real-world conditions. We do group code reviews, group debugging sessions and many of our classes feature group projects and presentations. Our goal is to prepare students to be successful software developers. This is not just another feel good experience where students walk away with a smile, empty pockets and they still cannot write code.

Our Trainer

Eric is an independent IT professional who loves learning new things, sharing what he learns, and helping clients solve business problems. He holds a BS in Computer Science from the Virginia Military Institute and numerous software certifications, including the Microsoft Certified Professional Developer certification. Mr. Greene has experience programming mobile, Web-based, and desktop applications using a variety of commercial and open-source platforms including .NET, PHP, Node.js, Linux, Windows, SQL Server, SQLite, MySQL, Postgresql and even a little MongoDB. He has worked with companies large and small, on-site and off-site to help his customers meet their software development needs.

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Student Testimonials

Here are some of the many student testimonials that we have received.

Eric built our understanding of the topic from the ground up, conveying both the "how" and the "why" of the major concepts in React. He showed mastery of the entire JS ecosystem and was able to readily answer far-ranging questions. Additionally his presentation style was interactive, engaging, and approachable. This was no powerpoint presentation. I got more out of this training than any I've ever attended.
- Student from Introduction to React
For ramping up your developers with the knowledge needed to hit the ground running, this is the class to take.
- Student from Introduction to Angular
This guy knows his stuff, for sure. Freaking awesome and exciting.
- Student from Introduction to Modern JavaScript
The training was very comprehensive, but also to the point. Eric was extremely knowledgeable and accommodating to our specific needs
- Student from Introduction to React/Redux with TypeScript
I came to the class feeling, I am pretty good at Javascript. An hour into the class, I realized, I lack the conceptual knowledge of javascript. Now, I am leaving the class with lot of conceptual knowledge of javascript.
- Student from Intermediate JavaScript

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