Confusing JavaScript Syntax - Template Literals

One feature sorely missing from JavaScript has been string interpolation and multi-line strings. JavaScript from the beginning has supported strings using either single quotes or double quotes, but there was »

Angular 2: ngFor over a series of elements

Angular 1 supported the ability to repeat a series of elements using ngRepeat through the use of special start and end points named ng-repeat-start and ng-repeat-end. <header ng-repeat-start="item »

Confusing JavaScript Syntax - Destructuring

Another useful new feature of ES2015 is the destructuring of object and arrays. Commonly, individual object properties or array elements need to be extracted, and reused over and over again. »

Browsersync, Windows and Double Quotes

Earlier today, I was recording a video on Redux for WintellectNOW. For this video, I decided to use Browsersync and its live reload capabilities. Ordinarily, I code up my own »

Confusing JavaScript Syntax - Arrow Functions

JavaScript has been undergoing numerous changes over the past year or so. The latest version of JavaScript, ES2015, introduced many features implemented with a new and possibly confusing syntax. Some »