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Eric Greene has been a professional software developer for 23 years, specializing in web development. He has built software ranging from search engines to content management systems to financial analysis tools. He trains developers who work for Fortune 500 companies, major charities, and other organizations worldwide.

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Our training will help you with your work today or help you land you a job tomorrow.

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All material is created by Eric and is the result of his years of coding and teaching.

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While Eric specializes in in-person, live training, he is greatly expanding his online course offering to make his unique and dynamic style of teaching available to everyone.

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We teach in-demand skills. Our focus is helping you in your current job or landing that future job. For the person looking to gain a programming skill for their professional career or that next side-hustle, we are here for you.

Eric Greene
Eric W. Greene - Developer and Trainer

Anyone can copy and paste code they find on the Internet. But can they apply the code to solve the problem correctly? Best practices drive our courses from beginning to end.

No copy and paste examples. No 500 lines of pre-written code which the instructor cannot explain. Our programming courses start from a blank file and we code every line together for the demonstrations and you code every line for the lab exercises. The goal is you should be able to explain why every line was needed. For some more advanced courses/topics there is some starter code to save time, but the developer should know the knowledge behind the starter code before taking the more advanced course. 

We teach coding so that developers are both street-smart and book-smart. Street-smart is not enough, neither is book-smart enough – both are needed. Throughout class, Eric will share his experience learning the importance of both and how knowing both will help you to scale to new heights of software development expertise.

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What Our Students Have to Say

While you can learn a lot about a technology by reading its documentation, there are many philosophies, design patterns, or unexpected problems that will come about when you actually start working with that technology. Learning from Eric Greene in person will not only give you a solid foundational understanding of the technology, but he will also inform you on the important parts of the technology that I mentioned above which you can't find directly in the documentation.
Angular Student in Dallas, TX
Winter 2020
Eric handled the course with a great passion and his in depth knowledge of programming. I have been to other courses where the instructor clearly appeared rushed/anxious, since there is a lot of info to cover into 5 day.
Angular Student in Dallas, TX
Winter 2020
Mr Eric Greene's clear explanation is good. He used to explain the subject with examples that is very good which i have liked in this session. I love his teaching very much because his teaching is very lively.
React + .NET Core Student in Memphis, TN
Winter 2020
Eric is truly excellent, not to be overly dramatic, but if every front end developer follows his guidelines then the world would be a much better place!
Angular Student in Dallas, TX
Winter 2020
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