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Eric Greene

Eric loves teaching students how to write code using the latest and greatest programming technologies and platforms. When Eric is not teaching, he provides consulting services, programmer mentoring,  as well as, researches new topics and explores new technologies. During his free time, Eric loves programming his Raspberry Pis using Python and Golang. His next area of learning will be 3D printing and building drones (incorporating his Raspberry Pi programming experience to make them do cool things). If you need a class on cloud computing or web application development, please reach out to Eric today!

Our Story

Training 4 Developers, Inc. was born out of a desire to help software developers learn new programming skills to enhance their careers, land new jobs, support their families and give back to their local communities.

We believe a single software developer holds unlimited potential to change their own life, the life of their family, their community and even the entire world. With the right training on the right topics, a single software developer can change everything.

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What Our Students Have to Say

Eric is very knowledgable about the content. He was always willing to stop and make sure you understood the material
React & Redux Student from Chattanooga, TN
Fall 2017
I have been programming for many years, been to countless training classes and this was hands down the best training class I have ever had. This instructor was excellent and a wealth of knowledge.
ASP.NET Core & React Student from Memphis, TN
Fall 2019
This class not only covers the basics, but delves into the more specific (and real world) scenarios to give you the foundational understanding and practical tools to be successful as an Asp.NET MVC developer.
ASP.NET MVC Student from Sacramento, CA
Summer 2014
Eric Greene is the best instructor of any technical class I have ever taken. He is passionate, knows his stuff, and personable. He loves questions and doesn't mind answering all of them. He is the best. Have I mentioned that he is the best? Because he is. Truly.
AngularJS Student from Phoenix, AZ
Winter 2015
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