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Learn React in a Weekend

Learn React in a Weekend!

In This Course, You Will Learn

  • Develop real-world web applications with React
  • Use modern JavaScript programming techniques with an emphasis on core JavaScript concepts
  • Implement the latest JavaScript syntax and features
  • Code user interfaces (UIs) with React, the most popular JavaScript UI library
  • Use the basic features of React, such as JSX, to create functional components
  • Use hooks to manage state and execute code during renders
  • Manage state with context
  • Retrieve and save data to a REST API
  • Use React Router

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Developers who want to learn a JavaScript UI library.
  • Developers looking to learn web development.
  • Angular and Vue developers looking to learn more about React

Course Description

Want to ramp quickly on React over a weekend? This online, intensive React bootcamp teaches you how to build rich, client-side web applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React in four 3-hour sessions, Friday – Sunday. This course is live, instructor-led, and includes practical hands-on labs and projects, preparing you to develop real-world React applications over a single weekend.

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