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Learn to Build Web Apps with Vue.js

In This Course, You Will Learn

  • Develop real-world JavaScript applications with Vue.js
  • Use the basic features of Vue.js to create dynamic templates, directives and components
  • Identify how to improve performance using computed properties and watchers
  • Incorporate styling, event handling and forms
  • Utilize the Vue CLI to build a Single Page Applications powered by Webpack
  • Drive Vue.js application data from a REST API using the fetch API, promises and async/await

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Server-Side Web Developers moving into Client-Side Web UI
  • React or Angular Developers Looking to Learn a New JavaScript UI Framework
  • Web Developers desiring to learn more about HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Developers new to Web Application Development, but with some HTML, CSS and JavaScript experience

Course Description

Training 4 Developers’ Learn to Build Web Apps with Vue.js course teaches attendees how to build rich client-side web applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Vue.js. Students develop real-world JavaScript and Vue.js applications and learn how to use modern JavaScript programming techniques with an emphasis on core JavaScript concepts, the latest JavaScript syntax features, and popular user interface (UI) development with Vue.js. This class is for developers with modern JavaScript experience but wish to learn to Vue.js. React and Angular developers looking to add a new UI library to their skillset will greatly benefit from this class. Also, this class is for developers who want to learn how to create UIs using a popular and modern JavaScript library.

Students will build a project using Vue.js to apply their JavaScript skills and to learn about modern UI development. Developers can do wonders with Vue.js, an ecosystem that scales between a library and a full-featured framework. This course teaches all that you need to know about Vue to create modern interactive web applications. Students will learn the basics, such as lists and filters, and then progress to advanced features such as using Jest for unit testing JavaScript and Vue.js applications, building component-based UIs, and much more!

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