Learn React in a Weekend!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Weekend of September 11-13, 2020 – Price $795.00 USD (enrollment is capped at 20 students, pre-register at the bottom)
  • More are being scheduled now! Stay tuned!

Student Learning React in a Weekend

Want to ramp quickly on React over a weekend? This online, intensive React bootcamp teaches you how to build rich, client-side web applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React in four 3-hour sessions, Friday – Sunday.

This course is live, instructor-led, and includes practical hands-on labs and projects, preparing you to develop real-world React applications over a single weekend.

React Class Schedule

  • Friday: 7 pm – 10 pm ET
  • Saturday Part I: 10 am – 1 pm ET
  • Saturday Part II: 2 pm – 5 pm ET
  • Sunday: 4 pm – 7 pm ET

React Class Materials

Before the training: Preparatory training materials, including video tutorials on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The videos explore the essential aspects of each language used during the weekend course. Also, students receive a digital cheat sheet, code snippets for Visual Studio Code, and setup instructions.

During the training: Online courseware featuring documentation, code examples, videos, and lab solutions.

After the training: Additional videos exploring more advanced features of React, as well as access to a community learning group.

React Class Objectives

  • Develop real-world web applications with React
  • Use modern JavaScript programming techniques with an emphasis on core JavaScript concepts
  • Implement the latest JavaScript syntax and features
  • Code user interfaces (UIs) with React, the most popular JavaScript UI library
  • Use the basic features of React, such as JSX, to create functional components
  • Use hooks to manage state and execute code during renders
  • Manage state with context
  • Retrieve and save data to a REST API
  • Use React Router

React Class Prerequisites

Students must have general programming experience and review the pre-class materials. Experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is a plus. The course assumes no experience with React.

React Class Software

We teach this class online using Zoom and recommend that each student have two monitors: one display to view the instructor presentation and one screen for notetaking and coding along with the instructor.

All course materials are distributed via GitHub and Google Drive. Access to those services is required for the class; please ensure your firewall and network policies will allow you to access those resources.
We will provide each student with a virtual environment using CodeSandbox.io for coding; no need to install any software.

React Class Outline

  • Introduction and Displaying Data (Session 1, Friday)
    • What is HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?
    • How does React work with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?
    • Creating a React Project
    • Displaying Data in React Components
    • Exploring the Array Map Function
    • Passing Data into React Components via Props
    • Validating Props
    • Setting Default Props
    • Project 1 – Display a Table Data
  • Capturing Data with Forms (Session 2 – Saturday, Part I)
    • What are HTML Forms?
    • Create an HTML Form
    • What is Component State?
    • What are Hooks?
    • Using the State Hook to Capture Form Data
    • Adding Data to a List
    • Project 2 – Capturing Form Data
  • Managing Application State (Session 3 – Saturday, Part II)
    • What is Application State?
    • Comparing Props, State, and Context
    • When to use and not use Context
    • Build an Application State Store with Context and Hooks
    • What is a REST API?
    • Calling a REST API to Retrieve and Save Data
    • Project 3 – Managing State with the Context
  • Routing (Session 4 – Sunday)
    • What is Routing?
    • Installing an NPM Package
    • Configuring Routing
    • Passing Route Parameters
    • Next Steps
    • Project 4 – Add Routing to Application

Pre-Register for Learn React in a Weekend (Sept 11-13, 2020)
Please fill out the form below to pre-register for the Learn React in a Weekend class scheduled for Sept 11-13, 2020. Once the official registration form is live, we will send you a link to officially register. Thank you so much for your interest!
Are you learning for work? Trying to find a job? Is web development a personal hobby? Let us know why you would like to learn React to help us make the course better for you!

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