PSEA Bonus Session

The bonus session will be conducted from 10am to 3pm on Friday, May 1. There will be breaks for lunch and one in the afternoon. Please submit all questions Wednesday night. Meeting invites were sent via email, there is no need to register. The form below is for questions only.

Submit Question

Use this form to submit questions ahead of time for the bonus session! The benefit to using this form is it gives me a little time to double check my answer before we meet allowing me to answer more specific questions which I may not be able to do off the top of my head during a live session.
Your name will be used for this session only so the instructor can know who asked the question to better answer the question.
Your email will only be used to seek further clarification on your question prior to the session. Your email will NOT be added to any mailing list or shared with a third party.
This question asked by the student and the answer provided by the instructor may used in future training sessions and materials (online, print, & video) including on our web site. Your name will not be associated with future uses of this question. By submitting this form, you consent to T4D.IO reusing this question for any purpose in the future without compensation or attribution to you or your organization.
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