The mission of Training 4 Developers, Inc. is to provide software development training on the latest and hottest JavaScript-related topics, using innovative and unconventional techniques to maximize learning and the enjoyment of it.


We provide training services on-site, online, and through other asynchronous learning processes (such as videos). Our specialty is live, on-site training. Our classes explore the depths of the technologies from an academic and practical perspective, giving the student the whole picture of various technologies. For each technology, we explore the purpose and place of it in the collection of technologies used to solve real world problems.

We utilize a live, no-slides teaching approach, through live coding, live problem solving, and a considerable amount of real programming by the students. Students learn from the instructor, their own experiences, as well as from the code of other students through regular collaborative work and student presentations. When class is over, students walk away with their own code samples, the instructor's code demonstrations and other take away resources.

We regularly teach on the following topics:

  • JavaScript including ES2015
  • Angular 1 & 2
  • React & Relay
  • GraphQL
  • jQuery
  • Backbone
  • Node.js
  • HTML5 & JavaScript APIs
  • CSS3, SASS & Less

Our Trainer

Eric Greene is a professional corporate trainer and software developer who loves learning new things, sharing what he learns and helping clients solve their business problems.

He holds a BS in Computer Science from the Virginia Military Institute and numerous software certifications including Microsoft Certified Professional Developer and Microsoft Certified Trainer (inactive), and CompTIA's CTT+ Trainer certification.

Eric has experience programming mobile, web-based, and desktop applications using a variety of commercial and open-source technologies including Node.js, JavaScript (through ES2015), Angular 1 & 2, React & Relay, GraphQL, jQuery, Backbone, HTML5 JavaScript APIs, CSS3, SASS, and Less.

He has worked with large (Fortune 500) and small companies, on-site and off-site to help his customers meet their software development needs.